We are pleased to announce that the external quality assessment (EQA) for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae for use on the HOLOGIC Panther® and Tigris® system continues in 2019. We anticipate that we will prepare one EQA panel in March/April and the second in October.


If you would like to participate, please send back the complete filled in and signed registration form until 1st of March, 2024.

Registration form 2024


The cost for participation is € 210 per panel (excluding VAT and postage).

Past panel order

For your HOLOGIC Panther®/Tigris® validation, we also offer past EQA panels:

  1. Panel Pilot EQA 2013
  2. Panel EQA I/2014
  3. Panel EQA II/2015
  4. Panel EQA II/2017
  5. Panel EQA I/2018
  6. Panel EQA II/2018
  7. Panel EQA I/2019
  8. Panel EQA II/2019
  9. Panel EQA I/2020
  10. Panel EQA II/2020
  11. Panel EQA I/2021
  12. Panel EQA II/2021
  13. Panel EQA I/2022
  14. Panel EQA II/2022
  15. Panel EQA II/2023

Please do not hesitate to contact us concerning availability. The cost is € 140 per panel (excluding VAT and postage).